sep 19, 2020 - 23:17 pm

feeling: energized music: Give me your pain~Winter Edition~ by hanaP & maru

revamped this page a bit and deleted my old posts cuz they were stupid. i still dont like how this page looks so im gonna be working on it a lot the next couple of days. i love reading other peoples' diaries on their sites but when it comes to mine i feel like its boring cuz i cant form coherent sentences, my brain is just empty most of the time LOL.. nothing goes on in there. if you crack it open it's hollow.
anyway, i spent most of today being productive on and off. i reorganized my closet which was a disaster up til now cuz i kept shoving stuff in and shutting the door as quick as i could so nothing would fall out.. i also finished organizing my onyanko club cutouts which ill take a proper video of soon! even though i have stuff to do i downloaded mahoutsukai precure. im gonna watch that for the rest of the night and maybe work on this page a little bit.. bye for now