hawaii1999's diary

may 3, 2020 - 00:43 am

feeling: strange music: animal crossing new leaf - 1 am

it's been a good month (at least) since i've updated my blog...!! i was caught up with schoolwork, and right after i submitted the final assignment for the semester animal crossing came out, which has been consuming all my time LOL. i had a bunch of cool new stuff planned for my site but all my inspiration disappeared. i guess it's because of the pandemic. i've only stepped foot outside my house once in a month and a half, i dont even go for walks x__x i thought it was fine at first, but i think it's actually been taking a toll on me. just sitting inside seeing the same walls everyday has made me unable to create anything. i've kinda just been playing video games nonstop for the past month and a half because that's all i can really do. hopefully my inspiration comes back soon, i really miss neocities and interacting with everyone here and seeing the cool stuff everyone does with their sites! i don't really know the point of this diary entry was supposed to be, i kinda wanted to give a small update but now i feel like i'm rambling...

feb 2, 2020 - 8:38pm

feeling: exhausted music: tokyo - shin megami tensei iv

ive been working on my illustration assignment all week and im finally finished x_x it took so long!! just today i worked on it from 1pm-7pm with only a 30 min break in between.. my hand hurts so much. i hope i didnt injure it or anything. normally i would have taken more breaks while drawing but my deadline is tomorrow afternoon so i had to keep going.. but im really scared about getting RSI and carpal tunnel. from now on im gonna take more caution when drawing ><;; im not even happy with the final piece. before when it was in black and white it looked good but after i added colour it ruined the whole thing;; im really bad at using colour because i never practice it. this year i should really try to get the hang of it more. anyway, now im back at my apartment, laying on my bed drinking a lukewarm peppermint mocha from mcdonalds. i dont know what to do for the rest of the night.. theres nothing that i really want to do. i wanna draw some more but i dont think my hand can handle it u_u maybe ill play a videogame..

jan 30, 2020 - 11:52am

feeling: invigorated music: long kiss goodbye - HALCALI

redesigned the diary page~ now it has a post system and looks more like a diary. it still looks a bit plain for me so im probably going to add a few things, but as for now, i like it ^^ im finally attempting to learn proper html/css and am now just realizing how broken my site is;; i was getting bored with my website & had no motivation to work on it but after learning more html/css im pumped up again !! theres so many new things i want to add/little changes i want to make~~ this site was created in 2017 but i had no knowledge of html back then, and having to do everything from scratch scared me so i didnt touch it again til late 2019. im glad i did, neocities is so much fun !! i love the community, and how everyone has their own unique, super-personalized space on the web. its also great how detached it is from social media. on social media i always feel pressured to post frequently and im never able to post what i really want.. but here, this space is all mine! i can do whatever i want with it! i can update it whenever i want to! thinking about it now, i really miss nshrines.. that was such a cool site. why do all the good sites have to die? first nshrines, now 8tracks.. i hope neocities stays alive for a long time yet.