jul 11, 2023 - 17:02 pm

feeling: stuck music: time pavement - yuki matsuoka

ive been in such a creative rut lately, weh T_T kinda funny that this entry is the total opposite of my last haha. i havent added anything new to this site in an entire year which is so lame. i have really bad adhd which gives me brain fog and really inhibits my ability to finish stuff >_< every time i have a new idea for my site, i work on it halfway, get burned out, and end up not finishing it q_q my site is nowhere near what i want it to be, i feel like it can evolve so much more.. ive been able to work on it a bit today, so things are looking up at least. hopefully i can get some cool new stuff running soon....

feb 16, 2022 - 21:54 pm

feeling: creative music: for eternal story - phantasy star online ost

been working on some personal projects the past few days which has really given me back a lot of my energy. lately i've been working on a zine that i've wanted to make for a while. music while i'm working lately has been a lot of Taeko Onuki, Plaid, and Sakura Taisen BGM. speaking of Sakura Taisen, it's fully consumed me lately. i finished the anime, first two games, manga, and some of the plays, the itch hasn't been scratched yet. i'm planning to play the 3rd and 4th games next but they're still in the mail T_T need to busy myself with other things until i can get my hands on them. in other news, i picked up a bunch of pretty pastel translucent beads at the dollar store yesterday and have been making keychains/bracelets/etc with them and it's a lot of fun and a good way to keep me occupied. i'm already running out of beads so i want to go pick up some more when i have time. last but not least, yokohama kaidashi kikou was picked up by seven seas for english localization today!!!!! i couldn't be more ecstatic. it's so exciting for it to finally get a release. now i can finally delete the folder on my desktop with all the volumes scanlated, my laptop has been crying for space for a while now. there's so much to look forward to later this year with the YKK release, chrono cross, front mission, and live a live!!!! really exciting

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