cardcaptor sakura is my fav series of all time. it holds a very dear place in my heart, and i rewatch/reread it often. i love everything about it,
it's such a wonderful series!!!! i collect merch ranging from telephone cards to cels, hopefully i can post some more pics of my collection here soon~

my fav characters are eriol & kaho.


here are some pics from the 20th anniversary artbook! most of these illustrations are included in the older artbooks but its nice to see them
reprinted, and the design of the artbook is so gorgeous

Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket Girl in a jacket


Cardcaptor Sakura: Clow Card Magic (PSX, 2000)

game game

sakura accidentally releases all the cards from the book and you have to collect them (again)! there's different stages where you move sakura left/right while avoiding
obstacles and use clow cards to string together combos. there's an image gallery, and the original VAs voice the game! ^u^ there's a standard and limited edition.


this is one of the advertisement posters for the game, it's super cute and i love it a lot i almost cried when i got this in
the mail because it was in mint condition despite being 20 years old, the poster is so gorgeous in person!

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