And I begin to wonder...
The dreams I can't remember
when I wake in the morning -
where in the world did they go?

this song was released in 1994~ the lyrics are really cute so i wanted to post them ( ^^ )

Let's Make a Cocktail! - Kirby's Adventure

First get a great big glass to drink out of, then wash it clean in the fountain water
Next take the happy orange sun in the sky, and freeze it up into a frosty sherbet dessert

Slice a Maxim Tomato thin and delicately
Pour a Pep Brew in the glass to make a fizzy base
Sprinkle in some peppermint from the sea as you please
Now take the sun sherbet and add a scoop on the top

Then use the Star Rod to very gently, stir it up to two times, maybe make it three
That's how you make a yummy cocktail drink, smelling sweetly like happy summer days!

Let's take a bright red shiny apple fruit, and make a tasty juice drink out of it
Find a Hammer that's big and heavy to smash up an Invincible Candy to tiny bits

Put the pieces in the glass at the bottom, just like so
Add some sparkling star essence evenly to make it shine
Pour in the apple juice until it's close to the top
Finally use a Warp Star to decorate the glass

Then in the smallest whisper you can do, whisper the magic words, they're "Pu pu pu!"
Here to make all of our wishes come true, you've made a cocktail filled with wondrous dreams!"